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2019 iPhones to support Apple Pencil?

2019 iPhones to support Apple Pencil?

(Image source: MacRumors)

Citi Research has released a report that lists stylus support has one of the features that it expects to see in this year’s iPhones.

If true, it would be one of the major new features of this year’s iPhones. Unlike its rivals — most notably Samsung’s Galaxy Note series — Apple has resisted adding stylus support to its iPhones.

As improbable as this rumor may sound, the move would have some precedent as Apple recently added stylus support to its entire iPad lineup. It was first available only on the iPad Pro, but that it later expanded support to its mainstream iPad, and most recently to the newest iPad Air and iPad Mini.

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The latest second-generation Apple Pencil is probably too bulky to be used with the iPhone.

That said, Apple would likely have to design a new Apple Pencil as the current ones are arguably too big and bulky to be used comfortably with the iPhone.

For now, the most likely new feature that this year’s iPhones will have is a new third camera. This would bring it inline with other flagship phones who have triple camera setups like the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ and the Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

Apple will likely unveil new iPhones sometime early next month.

Source: Business Insider, MacRumors


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