Aipower’s true wireless earbuds charge right on your wrist

Aipower’s true wireless earbuds charge right on your wrist

Yes, true wireless earbuds are coming in every shape and form now, but the one common thing they all have, is the need for a charging case that gives you extra charges on the go. And that’s where Aipower’s Wearbuds stand out from the rest, as they’ve been designed to charge in a fitness band you wear on your wrist. This not only keeps your buds safe while giving it an extra boost of life, but also gives you the time and your heart rate too!

The earbuds are IPX6 waterproof and have graphene-augmented drivers for booming bass and crisp highs. They use Bluetooth 5.0 for a more stable connection, and support streaming in aptX so you’ll get great audio wirelessly. Mono mode is also supported in case you want to take a quick call – just pop one side into your ear and you’re ready to go.              

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No more losing your earbuds when they fit right into your watch.

As for the fitness band, it automatically counts steps and calories burned and also monitors your heart rate and sleep patterns. All fitness data can be quickly accessed on the band, while full reports will be saved in the companion Aipower app. The band will also have customizable alerts you can assign for calls, texts, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

Playtime for the earbuds is said to be up to 5.5 hours, and charging through the band takes that up to 12 hours total. The fitness band itself is supposed to last up to 7 days. All in, quite an interesting device that has already well-surpassed its campaign goal of US$50,000 as current pledges stand at a staggering US$724,448.

Limited pledges at US$69 (about S$95) still remain, so pop over to Kickstarter quick if you’re keen to check them out.


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