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Check out the Cyberpunk 2077 deep dive video

Check out the Cyberpunk 2077 deep dive video

CD Projekt Red has finally released more gameplay on Cyberpunk 2077, sharing insights on the world of Night City and the player’s choices and consequences within it. This is actually an edited down version of their E3 2019 demo.

As shown in the 50-minute video from last year, players start off in the game with a bevy of character creation options. This includes choosing their character’s gender and appearance, as well as their ‘life paths’. Your character can be a street kid, nomad or even hail from the corporate world. This will impact their abilities and choices moving forward. 

This demo heavily focused on the types of character builds players can go with. It showed off two types of characters: a ‘solo’ character relying on brute force and a netrunner that relies on manipulating technology and using stealth to achieve an objective.

Players can add and remove different traits and abilities to their character to build whatever class they like, be it solo, netrunner, a mix of both or one of the many other classes available. 

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The demo the goes on to show how a ‘solo’ character might handle a specific quest. With advanced strength, they can rip off turrets and use them against enemies. They can also tear open doors and use enemies as human shields. In the narrator’s own words, they can ‘live out their Terminator power fantasy.”

Netrunners can take a far more subtle approach. Instead of tearing through enemies like a gun-toting Batman on steroids, why not strike from the shadows? Netrunners can disable enemy alarms, hack into enemies and cause environmental distractions. 

It certainly seems like CD Projekt Red is going all in on the tabletop origins of their new RPG by making it as customisable and immersive as possible. They even made headlines recently by stating almost the entire game will be in first-person perspective, even the cutscenes. 


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