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E3 2019: GhostWire: Tokyo is Shinji Mikami’s new Action-Adventure game

Bethesda had little surprise at the E3 press conference. One of them is the new project of legendary game creator Shinji Mikami. GhostWire: Tokyo pushes players against a mysterious demon plague in the Japanese metropolis. Here is the promotional trailer!

(Embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qrXLQqHkJk (/ embed)

Shinji Mikami studio is back at work with Tango Gameworks. The developer's newest project is called GhostWire: Tokyo and is located in the Japanese capital. The city experienced a mysterious plague in the form of demons. Moreover, the population disappeared in a similar fashion. It is now up to the player to fight supernatural evils, save Tokyo from the demon invasion and bring back its citizens.

The details are fine now. There is no release date yet, and there is also no information on target platforms. But seeing Tango Gameworks' past games is a safe bet for the game to be released for all major platforms. As the CG trailer shows us, we can conclude that the war will play an important role, especially bow and arrow, as the hero is the preferred weapon in the video.

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Mikami follows in the footsteps of the latest horror-themed action-adventure game duo The Evil Within. And frankly, if the creator of the modern survival horror genre announces a new project, everyone should listen.

Stay tuned for more information about GhostWire: Tokyo.


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