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Eliminate Aging Stains in the Hands with this Recipe!

If you might be younger, it’s possible you’ll not, however with center age, these spots seem.

Eliminate Aging Stains in the Hands with this Recipe!

If your arms have solar harm and the pigmentation that comes with it, your age could undoubtedly happen. The finest approach to forestall ageing spots on the arms is to make use of sunscreen day by day.

If the stains in your arms misery you, then there’s a easy resolution.

Materials Required

1/four cup cooked rice
1/2 tablespoon agave nectar
1/2 tablespoon of lemon juice


In a mixer, mix all supplies. Put the ready combination in your arms and rub in a round movement. Apply mild stress for 1-2 minutes after which rinse with heat water. And lastly, put sunscreen in your arms.

You can use an identical therapy for the face, however you possibly can dilute it with water that will come just a little robust in lemon juice. Apply to wash pores and skin, steer clear of eye space and rinse with heat water. Then use a moisturizer. Lemon juice could be delicate to daylight and is good for evening use.

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