Gearbox drops Borderlands 3's first character profile

Gearbox drops Borderlands 3’s first character profile

As the great tactician Sun Tzu once said, “If you know your enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.”

Wise words. After all, knowing more about Borderlands 3‘s new Vault Hunters is always helpful, and very welcome.

As we edge closer to the game’s September 13th launch date, developer Gearbox Software has been kind enough to drop us numerous teasers along the way. On that note, they’ve released a character profile for the semi-retired corporate hitman, Zane Flynt.

Or as we know him, the Operative.

Heh heh. The trailer is nothing if not amusing, and it tells us Zane has definitely seen his fair share of bandits and toilet dunks. 

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You can get more details on the Irish tech-wiz’s skill trees at the official blog, where Zane can either choose to run a Digi-Clone decoy, hone in on his lethal abilities or buff up his teammates.

They also announced that the shooter-looter has now gone gold, which basically means they’re done with main development and are ready to ship it. We’ve already waited seven years since the last one, so what’s a few more weeks more?

Source: Gearbox Software


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