How to kill Snake Eyes Shirafuji in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

All of the bosses in Sekiro pose their very own challenges and Snake Eyes is a tricky one to get to grips with. He’s quick, hits like a truck and has a ranged assault too. If he manages to get you along with his seize assault it’s seemingly to be sport over in the event you’re not at full well being.

Thankfully there’s a simple, nicely straightforward ish, method of taking him down.

To begin with be sure you have the Firecracker attachment prepared to go, do the standard leaps and bounds to get to him attempting to keep away from the snipers alongside the way in which. Rather than partaking him straight run previous him to the left and bounce up to the ledge you’ll be able to see. Wall hug alongside and go not far away till you see the bridge.

Dash about half method throughout the bridge till you see his well being bar disappear after which leg it again to the wall hug part from earlier than. There will probably be a great deal of snipers taking pictures at you while on the bridge so don’t cease to admire the surroundings.

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Go again in the direction of Snake Eyes hugging the wall after which drop into stealth mode. You ought to give you the option to sneak up on him to ship the primary deathblow you want. Now you’ve acquired one deathblow out of the way in which you continue to have to face him head on. Try to hold your distance to keep away from the seize assault and time your hits so that they marry with the top of his combos. Use the firecracker to stun him periodically to get extra hits in to scale back his well being and smash his posture. He’s nonetheless fairly tough however comply with the steps above, use firecrackers till you run out and try to be advantageous.

Check out the video beneath to see this in motion:


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