How to kill the Armoured Warrior in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

The Armoured Warrior is a boss in the Mt Kongo space of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and he’s one among the best bosses I’ve come throughout. I believe I discovered it straightforward as he’s the most Souls like boss I’ve encountered up to now.

He’s not removed from the Senpou Temple idol, see the video under for the way to get to him. He’s not elective if you’d like to clear the space plus he drops a prayer bead and a Shinobi textual content so he’s nicely value beating.

He’s closely armoured and also you’re not going to harm him in any respect, this struggle is all about posture. Fortunately, he’s fairly sluggish and he’s straightforward to predict. Most of his assaults are swinging assaults that you may keep away from just by stepping round him. Once behind him land a number of blows.

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Keep doing this till he throws a tantrum, should you get caught in this it’s most likely time to die so preserve your distance. He ends this tantrum with a far-reaching assault in order I mentioned, preserve your distance. Then shut again in, rinse and repeat.

You’ll discover that in the struggle, elements of the bridge get trashed exposing the drop under. You want to be sure to place him close to one among these gaps while you ship your deathblow to ship him tumbling to his loss of life. If you’re not shut sufficient to the edge he’ll merely get again up once more after your deathblow.

You can see the struggle in motion in the video under:


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