How to kill the Long Arm Centipede Sen-Un boss in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

The Long Arm Centipede Sen-Un is an non-obligatory boss in the Mount Kongo space of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

He’s price killing as he drops a prayer bead and there are a great deal of improve supplies in his temple.

He can appear intimidating at first however is definitely fairly straight ahead. He’s just about similar to Long Arm Centipede Giraffe solely he’s surrounded by provides who could make this struggle difficult in case you don’t take care of them.

Once you enter his temple (see video under for a way to get there) you’ll be greeted by two enemies. Get in shut and take them out, they’re very squishy up shut however can deal hearth harm at vary. Once in the essential room head to the beams above and clear the provides. If you’ve been stealthy sufficient you’ll have the ability to get a stealth deathblow on the boss from above.

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The key to this boss is parrying his fast assaults and leaping over his slash assault. If you time your parries appropriately his posture bar will fill quickly. After his assault sequence throw some firecrackers to stun however prepare to begin parrying once more shortly. If you want a breather to heal up you possibly can grapple to the rafters above.

You can see the struggle in motion in the video under:


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