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If your balcony and garden walls are green!

For completely different causes, balcony and garden walls start to type inexperienced spots. This is a pleasant time to spend on the balcony and your garden will benefit from the nice and fulfilling time.

If you will have a concrete balcony or garden wall, it might be greened over time on account of rain and humidity. A totally pure strategy to eliminate this downside!

Those who expertise such an issue proceed to dwell with it or attempt to clear the walls with chemical-containing merchandise. However, you possibly can clear up the issue with a quite simple, pure materials.

Preferably do that on a sunny day. Start by cleansing the wall coated with inexperienced stains. Remove dust on the wall and plant stays resembling algae.

Mix one liter of vinegar and one liter of water in a bucket and place in a twig bottle. Spray the combination on the inexperienced areas on the wall and enable to face for some time. Then rub with a tough brush and let it dry. You will see that the inexperienced spots start to vanish inside a number of days.

If nonetheless cussed inexperienced spots stay, repeat the process.

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