M1 increases Data Passport activation charges; travellers to Australia and US need to take note too

M1 increases Data Passport one-time activation charge; travellers to Australia and US need to take note too

Image source: M1

M1 has recently increased its one-time activation charge per Data Passport from S$2 to S$5.

M1 customers traveling to the United States and Australia will need to fork out more to keep their data roaming experience seamless. They have been bumped up from the single destination $10 Data Passport tier to the $25 Data Passport one.

Former Data Passport price tiers, circa February 2017 (Image source: M1)

Meanwhile, the current $10 Data Passport plan has been updated to include the United Arab Emirates. The $10 UAE Data Passport is on promotion, since December 2017, and will be valid till further notice.

Image source: M1

The single destination $25 Data Passport now (unfortunately) include Australia and the United States, which also covers Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands. The $50 Europe Data Passport covers up to 42 countries now.

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These changes collectively mean it will cost you more for your travels moving forward, but fortunately, the new M1 build-it-yourself mobile plan offers a good data bundle and not to forget, the seamless experience in activating the roaming option(s). You can use up to 10GB of your local data bundle towards your roaming data needs (and any excess will be charged at S$10 per GB).

For Multi-SIM users, the $5 monthly charge remains unchanged. For more details, please head over to M1 Data Passport.

Source: M1


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