Microsoft's upcoming foldable Surface devices could use liquid-powered hinges

Microsoft’s upcoming foldable Surface devices could use liquid-powered hinges

Image source: WindowsUnited

Microsoft’s upcoming foldable and dual-screen Surface devices could use liquid-powered hinges. 

WindowsUnited spotted a new patent application by Microsoft which describes a special hinge that uses liquid to minimise the stress on flexible and foldable screens. Cavities around a flexible display can be filled with liquid to help it bend and move into various positions. 

The patent also has illustrations that show several concepts of a complex hinge system with structures to “prevent foreign materials from entering the hinge assembly/device”. This is somewhat similar to the enhancements that Samsung did to the Galaxy Fold. It seems that Microsoft has plans to license the technology to other OEM partners as the patent application is filed by “Microsoft technology licensing”.

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Microsoft is holding a special Surface event on 2 October in New York. It is expected to unveil a dual-screen  and a pocket-sized Surface device. The dual-screen Surface device, codenamed Centaurus, is said to be developed in collaboration with Intel and make use of the 2-in-1 form factor for productivity, inking and other tasks. The pocket-sized Surface device, known internally as Andromeda, is meant to create “a new and disruptive” device category.

Source: WindowsUnited via The Verge


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