Moze brings the heat in Borderlands 3's second character profile

Moze brings the heat in Borderlands 3’s second character profile

As people like to say, true friends look out for each other.

And there’s no better example this side of the Borderlands than a Gunner and her trusty mech.

With Borderlands 3 steadily inching towards its 13 Sep release, Gearbox has decided to keep the tempo going by pushing out character profiles for each of the four playable Vault Hunters.

Moze the Gunner is the second of these teasers, following up on the first profle for Zane the Operative last Tuesday. As for the other two, Amara the Siren and FL4K the Beastmaster, Gearbox will only drop their profiles next week.

With that said, let’s see where our short, stocky soldier’s journey has taken her so far.

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To sum it up, Moze is the lone survivor of a failed military assault, with only her mech, Iron Bear, left by her side. She’s travelled the galaxy ever since, and somehow wound up with the rest of the crew in Borderlands 3

Is her backstory a little cliché? Yes.

Is she still cool? Definitely.

Best friends? Forever.

Seriously, check out her skills in the new official blog post. It’s all about Moze’s synergy with Iron Bear. A massive shield for Bear that complements Moze’s shield-and-damage buff every time she kills an enemy? Or how about giving him the classic minigun-and-flamethrower combo while you run around with constantly regenerating ammo?

Yup, besties for life.


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