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Overwatch's new hero Sigma and role queue system are now live

Overwatch’s new hero Sigma and role queue system are now live!

What is that melody?

It’s Overwatch’s brand new hero, Sigma! Sigma is a tortured scientist with some personality issues and destructive gravitational powers. He’s also a tank character, which should be music to the ears of Orisa/Reinhardt mains. 

Sigma was subject to a horrible experiment gone wrong, giving him the ability to manipulate gravity at the cost of his mind. He was locked away by the government for years but has recently been freed by Talon, no doubt to be used for nefarious purposes. 

Sigma comes with shields and two bouncy balls – I mean, ‘Hyperspheres’ that explode after some time, almost like Junkrat’s grenades. His shield can be projected, dismissed, and projected again in almost any direction, making it an easy counter for characters like Bastion and Pharah. 

He can also suck in incoming projectile damage, turning them into shields, as well as throw boulders at enemies. His ultimate ability allows him to lift enemies up from a certain area, and slam them back into the ground. Pretty neat – and a sorely needed addition to Overwatch’s roster of tanks. 

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The Overwatch Sigma Southeast Asia Tournament

If you’d like to test Sigma out competitively, the Overwatch Sigma Southeast Asia Tournament is now open for registration until August 19, with a prize pool of US$2,500 (around S$3465). The top team will receive six Overwatch Collector’s Editions as well, though I imagine they’d already own one for themselves. 

The twist with this tournament is that Sigma is a required character on each team, so you’d probably want to brush up on your skills in Quick Play first. 

Role Queuing is here!

Overwatch’s matchmaking systems are getting a huge redo with this update. Players in Competitive Play and Quick Play now have to choose which role they want to play (tank, support or damage) before a match begins. The system will then match 2 supports, 2 tanks and 2 damage heroes together for a team, and then players can select who they want to play within their roles. 

This is a pretty massive change from when players could simply play who they like and switch roles during games. It could either help promote some healthier gameplay during matches, or turn people off the game entirely. Time will tell.


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