Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, the easy way to kill Genichiro

Genichiro Ashina is the boss of the Ashina Castle space in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. When I first bought to him he was undoubtedly the hardest boss I had come up in opposition to in the recreation to this point. He’s quick, hits like a practice and while you attempt to get distance to heal he whips out his bow and strikes you from afar. If this wasn’t unhealthy sufficient after you’ve delivered two deathblows he then modifications type and provides large lighting strikes to his arsenal. I spent hours getting my ass handed to me by this man.

Thankfully there’s a fairly easy way to take him out and if you happen to’re scuffling with this man I like to recommend you give it a attempt. The key to this tactic is the Shadowrush ability from the Shinobi ability tree. It does want a variety of factors to unlock so relying on the place you’ve been placing your factors you may want to go and farm some xp. Check out my favorite early recreation xp farming routes.

Once you’ve bought Shadowrush, head off to the boss, don’t overlook to equip Shadowrush otherwise you received’t have the opportunity to use it. The technique is simple, merely use Shadowrush as typically as potential. Use it then dart again out earlier than he can counter. You nonetheless want to maintain what you’re doing as he can nonetheless do some nasty harm, don’t assume for one second that this might be a cake stroll.

Once you’ve dealt your two deathblows it’s time for the final part. His transfer set is fairly related however with the addition of a lighting assault and a thrust assault. These two new assaults are the key to your success. To fight the lighting you want to soar simply as it’s launched after which earlier than you hit the floor press proper bumper (Xbox One) to launch the lighting again at Genichiro. This will trigger an honest quantity of injury and in addition stun him for a couple of seconds.

To cope with his thrust assault you want to have the Mikiri Counter unlocked which is one in all the earlier abilities you may entry. When you see his thrust coming in merely press B to provoke the counter and ship an excellent chunk of posture harm.

Other than these two methods I might attempt to maintain a little bit of distance after which soar in while you see a spot to land a blow or two. Once once more this stage received’t be a cake stroll however armed with the info above you’ll fare significantly better.

Sadly, I didn’t realise that I had stopped recording once I lastly managed to take him down by way of the above methodology so right here is another person’s video to information you thru.


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