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Singtel XO mobile plans now boosted with free weekend data

Singtel XO mobile plans now boosted with free weekend data

Update as of 22nd August 2019: This article was first published on 5th August 2019 with doubled bonus data for XO 48 and XO 78 plans. This offer is no longer valid and we’ve updated some comments and the table data below to reflect the current offer. Free weekend data still stands.

Since introducing the new XO plans earlier this year, Singtel has steadily made small revisions along the way. The latest addition is free weekend data! What else have they updated in the last six months? Here’s the combined change list:-

  • All XO plans now have 24 months of Entertainment Plus subscription for free through Singtel Cast (valued at S$5.90 per month)
  • No HBO GO on XO 48 plan, but 24 months of HBO GO for free through Singtel Cast (valued at S$13.90 per month)
  • XO 48 & XO 78 plans have now doubled the bonus data per month for a combined total of 15GB and 50GB respectively! This offer has since ended.
  • Free Weekend data for all XO plans
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Here’s how the XO 48, XO 78 and XO 108 plans stack up:-

(Image source: Singtel)

Now about the free local weekend data benefit, take note that it is on the condition of fair usage by customers and is thus capped to 10GB per day. If more than 10GB is consumed, Singtel will throttle your mobile data speed to 1Mbps. The good news is that the free weekend data does not eat into your plan’s local data allotment for the month, so there’s plenty of data to go around on the updated XO plans.

Should you need even more data for your plan, you still have the option to apply S$18 for 18GB blocks of data.

Last but not least, if you’ve multiple Singtel mobile lines per family, XO plans are now allowed to be classified as an “Eligible Discount Line”, thus you can reap further Singtel Circle discounts. Note that it’s still not considered as a Key Mobile Line and that’s strictly for Combo plans.


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