The best XP farming areas in the early game of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

As you’re studying this you’ve in all probability been getting killed so much, like me, in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and need to have that additional edge in the game by unlocking some extra expertise. To do meaning getting XP and getting it with out getting killed and taking the penalty.

I’m right here to assist as I’ve discovered two first rate early game areas that may get a good chunk of XP at a good clip plus some first rate loot and Sen positive aspects.

The first is a small loop round the Ashina Castle Gate Idol and so long as you’ve unlocked the loaded axe it ought to trigger you no issues and produce in round 600 XP per minute plus round 300 Sen. As an added bonus the enemies you’ll be killing have an opportunity to drop scrap iron which is used to improve your prosthetic arm.

The path to comply with is easy. Run up the stairs and take out the man with the gun, then it’s essential to grapple onto the gate above him, flip proper and bounce onto the grassy space. Head straight throughout and behind the tree, you’ll find your first goal, the man in the huge hat. Sneak up and ship your deathblow. You will see your subsequent targets straight forward rush over to the one on the proper and get in one other deathblow leaving only one. Use your loaded axe to smash his hat and take him out. Sometimes this will require a couple of blow with the axe. Jump over the wall by the gate and also you’re again at the shrine. Rest to respawn the mobs and off you go once more. The complete loop takes round 30 seconds to finish.

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You can view the full loop in the video beneath:

The second space is a brief loop round the Upper Tower Anti Chamber idol. Simply head up the stairs and head proper round the paper screens, be sure you’re sneaking. You will see a Samurai patrolling, take him out with a deathblow. There might be a doorway up forward to the proper, go to it and have a peek. There might be a samurai heading from proper to left. Shortly he’ll flip to face away from you, sneak up and kill him. Next, it’s essential to comply with the railing round to the proper, be sure you don’t get noticed by the samurai in the room to the left. Carry on sneaking spherical and also you’ll see an previous woman, you understand what to do. Carry on to the finish of the walkway and switch left, right here you will note one final samurai searching of a window, kill him then head again to the idol. Rest to respawn the mobs and repeat to your coronary heart’s content material.

You can view the loop in the video beneath:

I desire the first route attributable to the probability of getting scrap iron plus if issues go unsuitable the enemies are fairly straightforward to take down. The samurai, on the different hand, put up a a lot stronger struggle in the event that they spot you.


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