We want to see your best deaths in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

If, like me, you’ve been hammering Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice because it got here out, you’ll have in all probability spent plenty of time getting killed. Whether or not it’s that you simply didn’t spot that final enemy, the rattling crones who summon everybody close by by banging their pots and pans or the irritating bosses, you’re positively getting your ass handed to you regularly.

Some of my deaths in sport have been really tragic and are often down to a scarcity of talent and gradual response occasions. There are occasions, nevertheless once I’ve been dumfounded at they approach I died. I particularly loved being thrown off the ledge by the crimson eyed ogre close to the beginning. A bodyslam isn’t sufficient for this man clearly.

This acquired me enthusiastic about how different individuals could be getting killed in spectacular, silly or spectacularly silly methods! I would love to share my favorite demise of my playthrough to date and I’d like to see yours too! If you prefer to to share please put up on Twitter or Facebook

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In my video beneath you’ll see me making an attempt to cope with two enemies whereas exploring Ashina Castle. I handle to take them out, albeit with utilizing a resurrection and set off to discover some extra. I admit that I ought to have seen the demise coming however I used to be just like the proverbial rabbit in the headlights.

My favorite demise to date:

So what do you consider my idiocy? Has worse occurred to you?

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