Where to find the Flame Vent prosthetic in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

The Flame Vent is considered one of the prosthetic attachments you may find early on in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. In case you’ve not managed to find it but right here’s a helpful information. You will find the Flame Barrel (wanted to make the Flame Vent again at the Sculptor) not far after the Hirata Estate Idol. There are a great deal of enemies patrolling the space so take your time as you battle via so that you don’t get outnumbered.

The most annoying man has to be an archer on the roof simply above the Flame Barrel itself so take him out as quickly as you may. There are additionally canines roaming about plus just a few enemies you would possibly miss at first look as they’re slumped towards partitions.

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The Flame Barrel is definitely in the bonfire beneath the archer I discussed earlier than. For full particulars take a look at our video beneath:

The Flame Vent is very efficient towards monsters with crimson eyes. If you haven’t already fought the Chained Ogre but I like to recommend you get the Flame Vent earlier than you do because it makes the struggle a lot simpler.


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