Windows 10's May 2019 update adds variable refresh rate option for unsupported DirectX 11 games

Windows 10’s May 2019 update adds variable refresh rate option for unsupported DirectX 11 games

Microsoft’s Windows 10 May 2019 update has introduced a new graphics setting to let you enable variable refresh rate (VRR) in DirectX 11 games that don’t support it. Not everyone will see the new feature though, and it’s only available to those whose hardware supports it. 

This means a G-Sync or Adaptive Sync-capable monitor and a graphics card with WDDM 2.6 drivers or newer. Your card must also support Adaptive Sync capabilities. However, Microsoft is stressing that the new VRR option isn’t intended to replace G-Sync or FreeSync and will only augment them. You can still continue to use G-Sync and FreeSync normally, and the OS toggle will not override any of your settings. 

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The new feature is disabled by default, so you’ll need to turn it on manually if you want to try it out. That said, it seems like it could possibly cause issues in games, and Microsoft says you should try turning the feature off if you run into any unexpected problems.

Microsoft is aiming the feature at DirectX 11 games that don’t natively support VRR, and it cited the specific example of these games running in fullscreen as a use case that could benefit. To be clear, VRR technologies like G-Sync technically work with all games. However, some games don’t behave as well, and it’s possible that Microsoft’s VRR option could help smooth things over in these cases. 

Source: Microsoft


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